A collection characterized by an extraordinary versatility of solutions, designed with renewed creativity,
of both traditional and modern design, to organize living spaces with rationality and personality.

Our Executive series has webbed back which are breathable,  that supports the spine and distributes the pressure evenly so that you can be most comfortable to face the tasks at work.

Our Work station series fits right into your office setup, we offer chairs ranging from high back, mid back, with cushions etc.

Chairs that give your coffee guests a cosy experience. Explore trendy and durable chairs. Discover chairs for every use – metal, wooden or upholstered chairs, indoor and even outdoors,

With IRA’s capabilities, you’ll find cafe seating in any design or style you wish for. Chairs for your cafe that are made to match the interiors and the ambiance.


Your comfort needs…

And that’s where our Lounge series creates a place for you to sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy your evening….

High counter series that  look elegant & stylish but also keep your guests in the lap of luxury.

Our chairs are manufactured from heavy-duty materials to ensure durability & superior design

Prince series provide your setup with a unique look and comfortable experience. With our elegant and stylish design, you get furniture that not only provide an exceptional degree of comfort to you or your  guests but are designed to keep up the decor and theme and are durable enough to stand the test of time.

Sofa series are designed with elegant personality thanks to its solid structure and leather upholstery.

Impeccably hand crafted for refined comfort and entice you or your guests to mingle. We offer range of sofas which can be used for homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and waiting rooms.

The silhouettes of all of our couches and sectionals can be used to achieve the style that syncs with your room. Whether you need sofas; in fabric or leather.

Tables and Stands

In addition to our top of the line seating series, we also offer choice of tables, stands and mounts for various uses both for domestic and commercial.

Puffy Series

Puffy’s are durable and flexible means they can seamlessly used as a seat, or as a foot rest

A pieces of furniture that enhance the aesthetics of a room and dramatically change its appearance. These simple low stools can be bought both as a standalone piece or as an addition to accent chairs or sofa sets. We offer Puffs in a range of designs, shapes and varieties to match with the decor of your space.

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